The Vitters team congratulates owners and crew of SY Marie winning the St Barths Bucket Regatta!
Marie’s tactician Tony Rey commented on the exciting race: “I didn’t need sun screen because there was shade from all the sails around us.”

Vitters’ Adèle came in 3rd in the Elegantes class and Inouï finished 4th overall in Les Gazelles.
Also newcomer Ganesha (2013) and Lady B (2010) reported on a fantastic bucket regatta: fair winds at sea and good fun ashore.

Marie’s tactician Tony Rey commented “Anybody who says superyacht racing is champaign and cocktails and taking it easy hasn’t been to The Bucket!
It’s an absolutely spectacular exercise in teamwork to get these things around the track”.

Vitters Shipyard is very proud to sponsor the famous St Barths Bucket regatta and we are happy to look back at a fun and spectacular sailing event.
A grand total of 38 of the world’s finest superyachts participated in the 2014 edition of the famous St. Barths Bucket.
Contestants include five Vitters yachts: two ‘newcomers’ Inouï and Ganesha (both delivered last year) and Adele, Lady B and Marie.

(With thanks to the Bucket Blog “As the Winch Turns” by Media Pro International’s Barby MacGowan. She reported daily from St. Barths.)