A clean underwater hull without dragging a feathered propeller through the water was, until recently, only seen on racing yachts.
Our novel development of direct drive pods, offers this opportunity now also to performance cruising yachts.

This is a new advancement which will certainly be used on many future yachts and which offers improved performance,
also on existing yachts originally designed for cruising.



The demand of a client to have on the one hand ample hydraulic power for racing,
yet on the other hand have an eight hour silent period in the evening,
yet still be within the given weight limits urged us to search for alternative use of power and power storage.

The solution was found in a system where both electric and hydraulic power is generated 
by a combination of a 60 KW diesel driven generator, supplying 55 KW hydraulic and 35 KW electric power
and  the main engine, which can deliver 55 KW of hydraulic power
and in combination with 22 KW of electric power.

Storage of energy is supplied by 71.5 KWh of Lythium Polymer batteries, with a weight 620 Kg. 
The advantage of these batteries is that they can be charged in a comparatively short time and
they are relatively light weight.


Large sailing yachts have proportionate rudders with proportionate loads too.
These loads go beyond the man handling capacity and need powered assistance.
In general power steering takes away the feel on the helm.
Our in-house developed steering system with feedback gives the helmsman the necessary feel on the helm.
This system, offers the combination of power steering, feel and emergency back-up all in one.


We have developed a custom designed anchor system for Ganesha to keep the deck clear.
With the weight targets in mind, two lightweight carbon anchor arms were made that rotate under deck when not in use

The result on board Ganesha is a beautiful clean deck thanks to this custom anchor system
with lightweight anchor arms, without compromising design and functionality.



A lifting keel system generates a variable draft gives larger sailing yachts the opportunity
to enter shallow anchorages and waters, yet not compromising sailing characteristics.



Modern designed and styled yachts require clean and uncluttered decks.
This is a trend which started already many years ago.
By finding new solutions for bollards, tracks and even air in- and outlets,
our recently produced yachts show what is possible in terms of hiding equipment which can be in conflict with styling.
It offers the look and feel that our clients and their architects are looking for.

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