About Vitters

Vitters Shipyard is an award-winning Dutch high-end performance yacht builder. Vitters’ high performance yachts explore the oceans of the world and are distinguished by their immaculate finish, innovative sail systems and on board comfort. Vitters Shipyard has a crew of dedicated engineers and craftspeople who have a strong eye for detail and the passion to exceed the expectations of its yacht owners. Excellence is achieved as part of the daily routine at Vitters; innovation, finding the right solutions and precise, professional execution is standard practice.

Owners’ vision

The Owners’ vision and Design Brief is the main guideline for any project. The translation of the Owners’ ideas and wishes is what custom yacht building is all about. The Design Brief is transferred into a Design Document, which is the guideline for the project manager and the team as well as a benchmark tool to check milestones during the design and build. To translate the Owners’ ideas into a custom sailing yacht is a team effort. This team starts with the Owner, the Naval Architect and the designer. Each member of the team has a specific task and responsibility.

Translating owners’ vision

One of the early and most important stages in the process of building a custom yacht is to transform the ideas of the Owners, the lines of the Naval Architect and the design of the Interior Stylist into information that can be used for construction. Each new yacht constructed at Vitters advances on the technology and sailing performance of our previous yachts, providing constant progression and innovation opportunities.